Freedom Fest 

Join us JUNE 12-19th for the 1st Annual Freedom Fest.  We will have a grand finale on Juneteenth (June 19th) from 12pm-6pm where we will celebrate FREEDOM, FATHERS and AFRICAN AMERICAN History. Join us each evening at 6 pm the 12th-19th for Outreach Tent Meeting Service. To learn more email or call Pastor Irene at Southside Community Center 309-713-3715

Prayer oportunities 

21 Days of Prayer & Fasting


Join us in soaking the atmosphere with prayer for the 61605 zip code and all of Peoria!
We ask that you sign up and set a few minutes aside each day to pray for the listed points and
as the Spirit of God leads! Use this link to sign up today!



Neighborhood Canvas Teams


Friday, June 11th from 1-3pm and Sunday, June 13th from 2-4pm, we will be canvassing
the neighborhoods with invitations and smiles! Teams of 2-3 people will be assigned specific
areas to knock on doors and hand out flyers to invite people out to the week's events! We will
then ask our new friends if they would like prayer! With a yes, we listen to Holy Spirit and pray!
With a no, we bless and say our goodbyes! No pressure! This is a point of contact where
Jesus shows up at the front door...and that Jesus is YOU! Follow the link below to sign up! And
plan on meeting new people and having fun!



Drive By Prayer


Hop in your car, put your worship music on, and take a 10-15 minute drive through the
neighborhoods of 61605! You can drive the perimeter or the local neighborhoods and pour out
your heart in prayer to the One who loves this place and these people more than we could
possibly comprehend! This is a great way to help if you are limited on time and time slots
available! You can do this alone or with friends and family at ANYTIME! Follow the link below
to sign up! Just remember to please pray with your eyes open!



24 / 7 Event Prayer


Prayer covering matters! And Freedom Fest needs coverage at all times throughout the
event! Please join us in taking responsibility for a 30 time slot of prayer over the 7 day period in
which our event runs! Keep in mind you can do this from home, during a commute to work, or
even onsite as time allows! This prayer assignment is essential for our success...and we want

to include YOU! You are welcome to sign up for as many slots as you would like as long as you
promise to PRAY! Thanks in advance as you sign up below!



Prayer Ministry Teams for Evening Events


Each evening we will have an opportunity to minister to those attending. This ministry
will take place at the end of the message each evening. You will be placed in a specific team of
2-3 people with a leader. Be prepared for Holy Spirit to come and do a work as we pray for
salvation, physical healing, inner healing, and deliverance. Sign up deadline is June 1st in order
to simulate teams and assign leaders. Training will be online within two weeks of the event. Be
prepared to attend 2 trainings. If unable to attend due to timing, training will be recorded for you
to watch and complete at a later time. If you have an interest in leading, please contact
Stephane Farris personally at Please feel free to sign up for
more than one evening! We would love for you to be there all week and building relationships
with the ones you pray for! Follow the link below and get prepared to see Holy Spirit move in a
powerful way!



Volunteer Links 

We would love to have your help volunteering at the first anual freedom fest click on the lings below to sign up. 

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