Pathway of Hope 

The Pathway of Hope is a holistic approach to use the power of relationships with our Southside neighbors to reach self-sufficiency. The goal is to walk with them on their path and provide off-ramps out of cycles of generational poverty. Soldiers on the Pathway of Hope complete a Family Care Plan that assesses their strengths and identifies barriers to self-sufficiency. Together we set goals and celebrate achievements as our Soldiers on the Pathway of Hope work to overcome barriers while working towards gaining living wage jobs and first time home ownership.   

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Phases of the Pathway of Hope

Creating a Safe Space


At Southside Community Center we beleive that relaionship building is essential.  SCC  is a safe space is by design for our neighbors to dream and document thier desires for their family to reach their full potential.  SCC loves helping our neighbors realize their God given value through our V.A.L.U.E.S. Principles.


Vision God has for your life. 

Attitude that determines your ability to meet your goals. 

Leadership is a daily lifestyle that we choose. 

Understanding of relationships with God, ourselves and others.

Excellence/Education is the how we leave our mark on the world. 

Serving our community is an important quality of leaders.

Enlist Soldiers on the Pathway of Hope


The SCC team believes that we can Transform Community One Relationship at a Time.  Pastor Irene always says,  To Walk Your Path you Plan To Execute  then Execute the Plan! 

With enrollment comes privilages - Parents that enlist as Soldiers on the Pathway of Hope work with our volunteer Family Care Coordinator and Parent Mentors to develop a Family Care Plan.  This holistic asset-based document helps families Connect, Grow, and Serve

The family care plan 

1) Assesses individual strengths and assets.

2) Identifies gaps and needs.

3) Sets goals to acheive self-sufficency.

With guidance from a Family Care Coordinator and parent mentors families  access community resources and service providers that will help our Soldiers to  "plan to execute and execute the plan".  The ultimate goal is Self-Sufficientcy through living wage employment and home ownership.  We have piloted our first cohort of single mothers who are ready to change the trajectory of thier lives and the lives of their children one good decision at a time.  

Soldiers have the oportunity to work on the following each week with there family care coordinator. 

 -  Assistance accessing Childcare in order to work or attend school

- Second Chance Diploma Program (Penn Foster Scholarship) offers the chance to reclaim the graduation experience missed.

-  Assistance enrolling in Trade Program or college degree

- Use of in house laundry facility

- Rides to grocery store meal planning/budgeting assistance

- Pregnancy resources

- Parenting Education 

- Baby supplies

- Regular Service Opportunities 

Community Development Expansion: Coming Home Projects


Now that we have successfully recruited our first cohort of families to the Pathway of Hope we are excited to annouce our Pathway of Hope Phase 3 expansion.  Now that families are working toward living wage jobs we need homes for them to purchase.  The 61605 zipcode is sorely lacking and we have well over 700 emplty lots and abandoned properties. It is our goal to take on 3-5 bedroom homes or empty lots, raise the funds and bring in volunteer teams to begin to transform Southside One Relationship and home at a Time.  

At SCC we ask ourselves how many new first time home owners will it take to see a measurable increase in the property tax base in the 61605.  Join us as we Call To Action the passionate people of Peoria as we execute our strategic plan and help Transform Community One Relationship at a Time. 

Because of our Partnership with Pekin First Church of the Nazarene every dime donated to Southside Community Center supports services to the Southside Community.  Your one time or monthly donation is needed to reach more of our neighbors.  

You can now give to support Phase 3 Community Development Expansion to help us take on properties to restore for our Pathway of Hope Soldiers to realize their dream of Coming Home!